Rewritten Lives
by J. Elliot Howard

From a poet-author who is deep in thoughts, sentiments, and experiences comes an emotive and endearing collection of poems that speak of a myriad of themes and topics.  J. Elliot Howard has Rewritten Lives to share the lessons, dreams, hopes, and longings to others who are willing to listen.

In this poetry anthology, Howard unleashes his profound emotions through poetic verses.  With the ebb and flow of his words, you will feel the depths of his psyche and the nadir of his heart.  Penning down these pieces, he conveys the unfathomable zenith of his feelings that range from memories, yearnings, conversations, saying goodbye, moving on, life sessions, new beginnings, reminiscences, dark moments, and more.

These poems are Howard’s expressions of what he observes, feels, understands, and accepts of life and love.  They are reminders of years gone by, the people that were, and the sentiments once felt.  This potpourri of lines varies from subject to subject and from one theme to the next, but they all speak of the beautiful colors of life.

Poignant words are sure to welcome you as you leaf through the pages of Rewritten Lives.